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The Wii Gift Guide


Looking for a gift? Know someone with a Wii? Here are some of the best Wii products on the market for the 2013 holiday season. With most attention this year going to the Wii U, there's not a lot of note, but there are a few new things out there. Also be sure to read my guide on how to choose a game as a gift.

Skylanders Swap Force

The always entertaining kids' series Skylanders returns yet again with its clever and pricey mix of videogame and toys. The twist this time around is mix and match toys that allow players to swap the legs and torso of some toys and their resulting avatars.

Just Dance 2014

The latest entry in the Just Dance series doesn't offer much new, but it's still a fun package of goofy choreography to pop songs and that's all that fans of the series really want, anyway.

Wii Remote Plus

By squeezing the capabilities of the MotionPlus into the Wii's normal remote, Nintendo has created what will in time be the defacto Wii remote. This is the remote anyone who has MotionPlus-enabled games needs to have.

A Wii Skin

Gamer Graffix
A Wii skin lets you modify the look of your Wii. Like buying clothes for someone, buying a Wii skin as a present requires some knowledge of the recipient's taste; you don't want to buy a Spongebob Squarepants skin for someone who would rather have their Wii look psychedelic. Choose well.

A Nintendo Points Card

Nintendo Points Card
Don't know what to get someone even after reading my article on how to buy a game for someone? Let them make their own choice with a Nintendo Points Card. Online shopping for the Wii is done through a points system, and with a points card you can buy WiiWare titles like Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhale or Virtual Console games like the ever-popular Super Mario Bros. 3 (you can also buy games for the Nintendo's handheld DSi). Always preferable to buying that bargain bin shovelware title with the colorful cover.
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Energizer Flat Panel Induction Charging System

Energizer Flat Panel 2X Induction Charging System
The greatest failing of the Wii is the lack of a rechargeable remote, which is why so many peripheral makers have created chargers that let you use rechargeable battery packs to power your Wii remotes. The best of the lot is Energizer's Flat Panel Induction Charging System (just edging out Nyko's terrific Charge Station IC), an elegantly designed, two or four-remote charger that simply works better than its competitors. This is an inductive charger, meaning you can charge your remote without removing its protective silicone sleeve or attachments like the nunchuk. Everyone needs a way to free themselves from the slavery of constantly changing batteries; Energizer offers the best solution to date.

Logitech Cordless Keyboard for Wii

A nifty little cordless keyboard useful for browsing the Internet on the Wii's Internet Channel or for use in games that allow text chatting (as is reportedly the case in [i]Animal Crossing: City Folk[/i]). If you're buying it as a gift, just make sure it's for someone who actually web browses or text chats on the Wii, or this item is fated for regifting.
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