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Nintendo at E3: The Wii U is Back, Baby

Wii U Zelda

Nintendo shows how it's done in their best E3 presentation in years.

More on the Wii U Resurgence
Wii Games Spotlight10

Nintendo Patent Hints at Their Ideas for Virtual Reality Gaming

Nintendo has filed a patent for a 3D display on a 2D screen, and suggested other possible virtual reality effects. Will it come to anything?

Miyamoto Says Calls for Greater Developer Creativity at Testy Shareholder Q&A

The shareholders were testy, but in Nintendo's 74th shareholder Q&A, Miyamoto says the key to dominating the industry is creativity.

Nintendo: Lettings Girls Be Girls – If They Want

Nintendo aims for revolution with their hardware, but the most revolutionary aspect of the company may be that it's offering female avatars for almost all multiplayer gaming.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric – Hands-On Wii U Preview

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric has gotten some bad press; some of those playing the demo at E3 have declared it a disaster. I try it out to see for myself.

Chubbins and Other Evil, Evil Games - a Wii U Review

While writing my review of Chubbins, which has some evil aspects to it, I began to ponder other recent evil Wii U games like Abyss and Another World, and then games that weren't evil enough like Pushmo World and Gravity Badgers, making this part Chubbins review and part treatise on evil in games.

Squids Odyssey - Wii U Review

Squids Odyssey offers an interesting mix of turn-based strategy and arcade bouncing.

The E3 Presentations: 2014 Report Card

A look at how Nintendo fared against Microsoft and Sony in 2014's E3 presentations.

Nintendo Reveals Next Zelda, New IPs, 2 Bayonettas, Star Fox, Amiibos

A look at Nintendo's 2014 E3 presentation, in which Nintendo finally gets it right.

ittle Dew - Wii U Review

The indie game ittle Dew mocks The Legend of Zelda, but clearly loves it all the same.

Mario Kart 8 Gives Big Boost to Wii U Sales

Mario Kart 8 is proving to be a powerful tool in Nintendo's attempt to turn the Wii U into a hit.

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