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Charles Herold

Charles Herold

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Charles Herold has been writing about video games since 1999. He has been the about.com Wii Guide since fall of 2008. You can follow him on Wii Games About.com Facebook page or twitter, although I usually forget about twitter. You can also email me directly.


Charles Herold wrote a video game review column for The New York Times from 2000 to 2008. Previous to that he covered video games and technology for timedigital.com and briefly managed his own game review site, The Deskchair Adventurer. He has also written articles on video games and technology for USA Weekend, a pullout section of USA Today.

By Charles Herold:

I am a true believer in video games as an important artistic medium. I believe it is the duty of those who write about games to both highlight those in the video game industry who are pushing the limits of the medium and pointing out the flaws that keep video games from reaching their full potential. I believe the Wii is a revolutionary console that has the potential to change gaming forever. Viva la revolución.

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