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Charles Herold

Developer Claims Wii U Projects Dying on the Vine

By February 10, 2013

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A developer from the game studio Sidhe reports that the Wii U is in "serious trouble," based on the comments of  developers he spoke to at the Academy of Arts and Entertainment's D.I.C.E. summit.

Posting in NeoGAF, Mario Wynands of Sidhe posted:

At DICE, nobody has been talking about the new Wii U projects they have started, only the Wii U projects that have just been cancelled.

Platform is in serious trouble.

He went on to say that he had heard this from "developers from the US, UK, France, Germany, and Australia mainly." When asked if things were worse for the Wii U than they were for the PS3 in its early, troubled days, he replied:

Pubs and devs never recoiled from PS3 like they seem to be with Wii U (though this is anecdotal). There was always the confidence that the numbers would get there over time with PS3. I'm not sensing that with Wii U.

I had a data point yesterday at lunch with a high budget Wii U game that was hoping to sell "millions" over time. It only managed "tens of thousands".

One question is, what game were developers so over confident for? Mario will only say it is "one of the top rated games for the platform," but most of the top-rated Wii U games, except for New Super Mario Bros. U, were ports that had already been released for other platforms and thus were unlikely to rack up huge sales.

While some are blaming the developer reaction on the Wii U's somewhat weak sales, the Wii sold very well, yet had similar struggles with developer enthusiasm, suggesting that this has more to do with developer mistrust of Nintendo.

Mario isn't just down on the prospects for the Wii U, he goes on to say that he thinks the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft will also tank.

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