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Contrast: Nintendo Forgets to Strip Game Permissions from Used Wii Us, Sony Wants to Kill Used Games

By January 4, 2013

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Two stories offer an interesting peek into the priorities of two console makers in terms of used games. In story one, Sony has apparently patented a system for their next console that could prevent the playing of used games. When you put a new game into the console, code named Orbis, it will read a code on the disk and attach it to the console's ID. Put a disk in and your console can check online to see if the disk belongs to that console, and to the player who registered it.

The other story represents a Nintendo oops. Someone on NeoGAF bought a Wii U used and discovered they could download a few games for free on it. When you buy an eShop game, that game is locked to the Wii U, rather than to your Nintendo ID, but I'm sure no one, including Nintendo, expected the result to be that buying a used Wii U would get you all the games the original owner bought.

This would appear to be a mistake on Nintendo's part, although I've heard claims that the same is true of the 3DS, leaving open the possibility that this is an unofficial policy. Either way, it does perhaps show exactly how much thought Nintendo is putting into killing the used game market; none.

A lot of people are already holding up the unseen Orbis as a Wii U killer, but personally, I'll take the console that lets me buy games for less.

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