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Readers Respond: What would you change about Netflix streaming video on the Wii

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Feel the Netflix streaming video service available on the Nintendo Wii isn't perfect yet? Help Netflix by letting them know what they need to improve. Improve Netflix Streaming

Netflix on WII

Cancel my subscription....It's not worth having to reboot the system every 15 minutes.
—Guest Shycat022

play next

I grow weary of having to stop my movie or show, walk down the hall to play the next episode of a kid's show every 20 minutes! Every other gaming console I have experienced plays the next episode except the Wii.
—Guest wii 2

Why can't it load?

So I just got Netflix in my bedroom and I want to watch stuff, but whenever I play a title (Doesn't matter which title) it says: "We're having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or select a different title.". Someone please tell me how to fix this, I really want to watch TV and with this happening, I have a big dinosaur TV in my room for nothing. ._.
—Guest DD93


I CAN'T FIND ANY WORKOUTS!!! There should be a playlist for them! I selected on preferences to get all the workout vids, but none show up on the Wii. There should be a playlist for them just like documentaries, cartoons, action, etc.
—Guest Anna

Equalize Platforms

We have a Wii, a PS3, a XBox 360, and a Blu Ray and I've found sometimes we have to search all four devices to get a certain movie or show to come up. Why not offer the same content on all platforms? If I search a movie on the PS3 and it says not available, why does it come up on the Wii and XBox? Netflix is ripping off users who use only one streaming platform.
—Guest Bobbie


I love it... Why is everyone being a big crybaby about the little things??? People do not appreciate the things that they have in todays world... wow.
—Guest kool


We have had netflix for a couple of years now. Sometimes it loads the movie once and will never have to reload when other times like today it loads every few minutes. It's very frustrating when a half hour show takes an hour and a half to watch because of constant reloading.
—Guest Jesse

nexflix streaming

i would like for netflix to fix the streaming for 3g internet. mine is ok but sometimes it reloads a few times per movie and sometimes it works fine. also hd type of movies would be nice.
—Guest sissy

Improve netflix viewing

Create a separate remote for simple video streaming with Netflix! Huge seller!
—Guest Jerry goff

Better service

Love netflix. Can't figure out why it don't reload on ipod or computer but it does every 2 min. On wii
—Guest Heather S

steaming issues with Wii

I have a strong signal and it will stop playing the movie from Netflix on my Wii. I don't understand the problem. Do I need a booster? Or can I attach a wire to the Wii from my computer to main stream that way?

How I would improve Netflix

The fast forward/ rewind feature, more movies available 4 streaming & more functionality
—Guest Yvette Jackson


it takes forever trying to play a movie on netflix through the wii.. is there any ways i can fix this problem
—Guest nathan


I'm hard-of-hearing and use subtitles when watching regular dvds. Is it possible for Netflix to add subtitles to the streamed video?
—Guest stan mcswain

I agree to..

Ugh I agree about how difficult it is to find movies on the site to add to the instant queue on the wii. I just wanna be able to search through all the movies available to watch on my wii, so i can add them. Its frustrating.
—Guest oDieoOoO

Improve Netflix Streaming

What would you change about Netflix streaming video on the Wii

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