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Wii Games: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What Game Controllers Do You Need for the Wii U?
An explanation of the uses of the various controllers supported by the Wii U.
A Close-Up Look at the Wii U
Answers to all your Wii U questions.
How to Install the Homebrew Channel in 'Wii...
A guide to installing the homebrew channel to the Wii Mode of your Wii U.
Hack Your Wii and Install the Homebrew Channel
Step by step instructions on how to hack your Wii and install homebrew software.
How to Stream Media in Wii-U Plex Media Server
A step-by-step guide to streaming media from your PC to your Wii U using the Plex Media Server.
5 Must Have Apps for Your Hacked Wii
So, you’ve installed the homebrew channel on your Wii. Now what? Here are five applications to help you get the most out of your homebrewed Wii.
What to Do If Your Wii or Wii U Can't Read a Disk
If your Wii or Wii U isn't reading a game disk, don't throw it out just yet; sometimes it's an easily fixable problem. Sometimes you can even fix a Wii console that isn't playing any disks. Learn how.
5 Reasons to Buy a Wii (Not an Xbox 360 or...
For gamers, one of the hardest decisions is which console to buy: each offers games and features you won’t get from the others. If you’ve got a thousand dollars or so to fritter away, I say get them all. Otherwise, here are the top five reasons the Wii might be the console for you.
The 5 Best Games for the Wii Balance Board
Most people get a Wii balance board , the peripheral that watches how you move your feet, when they get
How to Setup Your New Wii Console
Step 1: How to decide on the right location and alignment for your Wii.
Explore the Fascinating World of Wii Homebrew
Wondering what homebrew is, or what it has to do with the Wii? Here's a simple explanation of what it is, what it does and some of the things it can be used for.
The 7 Best Wii Party Games
A look at the best party games for the Nintendo Wii.
How to Connect Your New Wii U to Your TV
Step 1: How to decide on the right location for your Wii U, and optionally how to attach the stand.
What Accessories Do I Need to Play Wii Games?
Detailed explanations on how to know what peripherals you might need to buy for the Wii.
How to Use Cheats in Wii Homebrew Games
A list of what you need to run homebrew cheats on your Nintendo Wii.
12 Reasons the Wii U is Doomed
Why the Wii U is bound to be a massive failure.
A Parents’ Guide to the Wii U
A detailed look at the Wii U for parents.
PlayOn Vs. Plex Media Server
A look at the two major services that allow you to stream media from a PC to a Wii U
The Best Wii Games to Aid Your Workout
A look at the Wii games that will give players the best workout.
The Six Best Wii Games to Play with Your Kids
Looking for games to play with your kids? Here's six that are fun for them and you.
Coping with Video-Game Related Repetitive...
Gaming can be hard on the body. This is how I control the pain in my hands from my repetitive stress injuries.
The Five Games that Best Use the Wii MotionPlus
A look at the games that best used Wii MotionPlus technology.
These Are the 15 Best Wii Exclusive Games Ever...
Often the most interesting games on a platform are those designed for that platform alone. These are games in which designers weren't trying to split the difference between the Wii and the PS3; they were designed for the Wii alone. Here are the 11 best Wii exclusives.
Wii Remote Plus - Peripheral Review
A look at Nintendo's MotionPlus-enabled Wii Remote Plus, as well as a few words on Nintendo's latest MotionPlus game, FlingSmash
The Six Best Sports Games for the Wii
I’m not a big sports guy. I don’t play sports, I don’t watch sports, and if all professional sports were to disappear from the world I wouldn’t notice for a very long time. And yet, there are sports video games that are exciting to me as real sports are to others. Here are the best ones I’ve played.
The Top 10 Free HTML5 Games You Can Play On the...
A listing of HTML5 games you can play on the Wii U browser.
Looking for a gift for a Wii U fan? Buy them...
Some of the best new Wii U products on the market for the 2013 holiday season.
How Do I Fix Error #002 on a Homebrewed...
Instructions on dealing with Wii Error #002.
How Do I Restore the Homebrew Channel After I...
Accidentally updating a Wii operating system can result in the loss of the Homebrew Channel. Here’s how to get your homebrew back.
The Slow Painful Death of the Nintendo Wii
Nintendo swore they would support the Wii after the Wii U launch, but instead, the Wii suffered a sad, lingering death.
12 Reasons the Wii U Will Ultimately Succeed
Why the Wii U is bound to be a huge success.
How to Work Around System Updates if Your Wii...
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10 Annoying Things About the Wii U
A few things about the Wii U that just bug me.
Wii U Browser - Tips and Tricks
How to get the most out of the Wii U's Internet Browser.
The Ten Best Wii Mini-Game Collections
While there are certainly too many mini-game releases for the Wii, some of them are a lot of fun. Here are 10.
Answers to Basic Questions About Mario Kart 8
Answers to commonly asked questions about Mario Kart 8.
What Does it Mean That Some Wii U Games Run in...
An explanation of TV resolutions as they relate to video games in general and the Wii U in particular.
Ten of the Coolest Little Things About the Wii U
A look at some of the many cool features of the Wii U.
The 10 Spookiest Wii Games of All Time
Looking for a game that will make your heart race? Here are 10.
Wii U Pro Controller - Review
A look at the Wii U's conventional controller alternative
The Games Announced for the Wii U
An updated list of the games that have been confirmed for the Wii U in North America.
Nintendo's Seven Biggest Wii U Marketing Mistakes
A look at how Nintendo has failed to sell the Wii U effectively.
The Six Most Intriguing Wii Homebrew Games
Gamers can install the homebrew channel to use the Wii as a media player or to run game emulators, but they can also download a number of interesting games. Many are simply ports of old games or new versions of standards like Pong, Tower Defense or Break-Out, but others are original, free games that, in spite of often primitive graphics and bare-bones gameplay can be wonderfully entertaining. Here are six you really should check out.
How to Set Up and Surf the Internet on Your...
A complete tutorial on how to browse the Internet on the Wii Console, with step-by-step instructions on installing and using Nintendo's Internet browser, The Internet Channel.
10 Reasons the Wii Sucked
Remember the Wii? Let's take a moment to ponder upon all the things that were wrong with it.
How To Rearrange Wii/Wii U Icons and Create Wii...
The main Wii/Wii U menu shows all your games and apps as icons. You can move and delete these icons, and, in the Wii U, put them into folders. Here's how.
The Top 10 Wii Action-Adventure Games
A look at the 10 best action-adventure games released for the Wii.
The Best Use of the Wii Remote in Games
A list of the games that used the Wii remote in the cleverest, most original ways imaginable.
A Wii Remote Charger Comparison Chart
There are a good number systems that let you use rechargeable battery packs to power your Wii remote. If you're not sure which one to get, here's a comparison chart.
The Top 8 Puzzle Games for the Nintendo Wii
Here are the 8 best puzzle games you can play on the Wii.
"Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 2" Video...
Video game review of Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party 2, a rhythm game for the Wii
Wii MotionPlus - Add-On Review
The MotionPlus gives us the Wii we were expecting years ago.
The Complete Guide to Wii Workout Games
Details on all the workout games released for the Nintendo Wii.
Wii Fit Plus - Game Review
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The 10 Best Wii Games to Play with Non-Gamers
Know someone who doesn't seem interested in video games? Here are a few potential mind-changing games.
The 10 Best WiiWare Games
A look at the must-play WiiWare games.
Current Wii U-Related Kickstarter Projects
A list of games proposed for the Wii U that are trying to raise funds on Kickstarter.com and Indiegogo.com
The Top 10 Wii Platformers
My picks for the 10 best platformers for the Nintendo Wii.
The 6 Best Wii Rhythm Games
A look at the best rhythm games you can play on the Nintendo Wii.
Guitar Hero Live - A Rocking Wii U Game Review
Guitar Hero is back - with a new controller, a first person view, and some gimmickry, in Guitar Hero Live.
Wii U Specs
A look at the specs for Nintendo's Wii U console.
How to Get Your Wii Online (Wireless or Wired)
Step-by-step instructions for connection your Wii to the Internet for Online Play or to Download Games. Covers both wired & wireless connections.
How to Update Wii Channels if You Have a...
A Wii system update could brick a homebrewed Wii, but if you need the latest channels and fixes there are homebrew apps that will safely install them.
Energizer Flat Panel Induction Charging System...
A review of Energizer's first-rate Wii Remote induction charger.
The Five Best Accessories for the Nintendo Wii
Sure, the Wii out of the box is good, but the Wii with a solid set of peripherals and add-ons is better. Here is my list of the best accessories for the Wii.
The 17 Best Core Games for the Wii
While the Wii often seems focused on non-gamer titles, it has had some amazing core titles. These are the best Wii games for the serious gamer.
How Can I Fix Wii U Sound Lag?
If you're TV's speaker doesn't quite sync up with your Wii U speaker, that's lag. Here's some advice on fixing Wii U sound lag.
Here's What You Need to Know Before Buying...
What you need to know before buying a video game for someone.
The About.com Guide to Setting Up Your Wii
About.com's main resource for setting up your Wii, from hooking it up to the TV to setting up the Internet to advanced topics like installing homebrew aplications.
Wii U Games Rumor Watch - Games That Might Be...
A lot of games have been implied or rumored to be coming out for the Wii U. Here are the most convincing rumors.
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is a cute game in which you draw paths to roll Kirby where you want him to go. It's fun, but it still feels like your playing a handheld game you can't take on the road.
10 Unusual Uses for the Wii Remote
The motion-sensing and bluetooth capabilities of the Wii remote have proven irresistible to inventors. Here are the 10 coolest things anyone has found to do with a Wiimote.
The 10 Coolest-Looking Wii Games
There are some visually stunning Wii games, using the look of rough pen-and-ink, soft watercolor, yarn, simple paper cut-outs, shadows and light, to create original, striking visuals. Here are the 10 most graphically beautiful games available for the Wii.
The Takeaway on Mario-Kart 8 (Wii)
Review of the latest in a long line of Mario Kart games.
The 6 Most Romantic Games on the Wii
6 Wii games that pay tribute to romance, love, or lust.
A Dozen Game the Wii U Needs
Here are 12 games that would be perfectly suited to the upcoming Wii U console.
Amazon Instant Video - Software Review (Wii and...
A look at Amazon's Instant Video service, which allows Wii and Wii U owners to access entertainment through their consoles.
The Ultimate Wii
Sure, you can buy a Wii and then buy accessories as you need them, but if you’ve got the money, why not just create the perfect Wii setup right now? I don’t mean go out and buy a golden Wii, I just mean get everything you need for all your future Wii gaming needs. Here’s a guide to the ultimate Wii setup.
WaraWara Plaza Defined
Definition of WaraWara Plaza. Wii Games.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Wii Mii Design
Step-by-step instructions for creating the perfect Mii
9 Things Nintendo Could Do to Make Wii U Better...
A look at some places where Nintendo went wrong in their Wii design, with advice on how to do things right for Wii U
Wii Sports Resort - Game Review
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Nine Ways Nintendo Failed the Wii U, and What...
A look at how Nintendo failed the Wii U, suggestions on what they can do about it, and a guess as to how likely they are to change.
A Look at the Additions of The Wii U 4.0 Update
A detailed list of all the new features of the Wii U 4.0 system update.
Nyko Charge Station U - Wii U Peripheral Review
A review of Nyko's Charge Station U, which lets you charge a Gamepad and two remotes simultaneously.
Splatoon, the Best Online Shooter Ever - Wii U...
Nintendo has always seemed a little leary of online, but with Splatoon they dived head first into the inky waters of online gaming. The result is amazing.
Does Michael Pachter Know What He's Talking...
Video game industry analyst Michael Pachter is found of predicting the future of the game industry. Since one of his current predictions is that the Wii U will do poorly, I thought I'd take a look at how accurate his past predictions have been.
Nintendo Land - Wii U Game Review
A look at Nintendo's Wii U flag ship game.
Energizer Induction Charging System - Accessory...
A beautifully designed device from a well known company, Energizer’s charger has only one flaw; it doesn’t work very well.
Memorex Wii Dual Controller Charging Kit Review
The Memorex Wii Dual Controller Charging Kit is one of the best Wii remote chargers you can buy. Here's why.
What is the Wii Balance Board?
A description and definition of Nintendo's Wii Balance Board peripheral.
The Top 5 Wii Games That Skipped the U.S., plus...
Nintendo has published a lot of Wii games in Japan and Europe that they refuse to bring to Americas. Here are 4 that deserve a U.S. release, plus three that arrived only after loud complaint.
The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version - Wii U...
The Rivers of Alice: Extended Version is a puzzle-adventure game ported from the iPhone. It's got some good puzzles, but also some overly familiar ones.
Wii-Compatible Flash Games
A guide to finding free flash games you can play in your Wii Internet browser.
The Wii U Console Review – Flawed But...
A look at Nintendo's follow up to the wildly popular Wii.
Nyko Charge Station for the Wii Review
Wii remotes are perhaps the last non-rechargeable remotes any console will every have, and they can burn through batteries quickly. Accessories like the Nyko Charge Station for the Wii will end the Wiimote's battery habit.
SiNG Party - Wii U Game Review
A look at the first singing game for Nintendo's Wii U console.
Mario Party 9 - Game Review
A look at Nintendo's latest party game, Mario Party 9, which pushes Mario Party 8 into the dustbin of history.
The Top Stupid Advice Nintendo is Getting
A look at the dumbest ideas game journalists and industry analysts are offering Nintendo.
7 Reasons Why Misguided Critics are Hating on...
A look into the motives of some disgruntled gamers complaints regarding The Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword.
Angry Birds Trilogy - Wii Game Review
A look at the Wii version of a puzzle game that has come to the Wii and Wii U.
Netflix on the Wii - Review
Netflix has finally come to the Wii (at least officially; PlayOn has offered a way to view Netflix movies on the Wii for a while now). Netflix subscribers with a Wii can get a disk from Netflix that allows them to stream movies directly through their console. I’ve had the opportunity to try out Netflix on the Wii, and while the interface is rather minimal, it works very well indeed.
Punch-Out!! - Wii Game Review
Review of the boxing game Punch-Out!!, which combines fun with fitness.
Wii Hulu Plus Channel Review
An overview of the Hulu Plus Channel for the Nintendo Wii, including what it is, how it works, and how it compares with Netflix.
FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play - Wii Video Game Review
Electronic Arts' FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play for the Nintendo Wii can be fun even if you care no more for soccer than I do.
Nyko Charge Base IC - Peripheral Review
All I wanted was the perfect induction charger for my Wii remotes. Was that so unreasonable? Yet every charger I tried was flawed. Then I tried the Nyko Wii Charge Base IC, and while it may not be perfect, it comes so close that it makes me wonder; why could no one do this before?
The 7 Best Action Games for the Nintendo Wii
It’s a dangerous world out there, so grab your gun and your sword before entering that foreboding house or that dank cavern or that alien compound; you’re going to have to fight if you want to stay alive. And if fighting for your life is your idea of fun, here are the funnest Wii games for you.
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Game Review
A review of the greatest game ever made for the Nintendo Wii.
10 Reasons the Wii was Awesome
With the Wii about to go the way of the PS2, it's time too look back on all the great things the console had to offer.
10 Tips for Going From Zero to Hero in Splatoon
When I started playing Splatoon online, I was absolutely terrible at it. Even though I loved the game
Wii Music - Game Review
A review of the music game Wii Music
The Beatles: Rock Band - Game Review
Beatles Rock Band is the best band rhythm game of all time. The worst part of the game; trying to get your friends to go home.
Disney Infinity
A look at Disney Infinity, a kid's game for the Wii U and Wii.
Quick Start Menu Arrives on the Wii U
Wii U System Update 5.0 is out, bringing with it the new gamepad Quick Start menu and some other nice additions to the operating system. Learn more about it here.
Proposed: The Nintendo-Only Box
If Nintendo Lives and Dies on Zelda and Mario, Would Their Best Bet Be to Ditch Third Parties and Drop Weird Controllers?
Pikmin 3 - Hands-On Preview
A look at one of the most noteworthy Wii U launch titles.
Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar - Accessory Review
Behind my entertainment center, which contains a TV, DVR, receiver, turntable and 6 game consoles, there is a twisted mass of cords that is formed into a great Gordian knot. Perhaps that is why I am so fond of cordless devices like Nyko’s Wireless Sensor Bar for the Wii.
Let's Tap - Game Review
I’m not exactly sure why my friends David and Yi wound up playing the party game Let’s Tap at my apartment. When I asked them a couple of weeks ago if they were interested in playing a game in which you put the Wii remote on a box and tap the box with your fingers to control the game, which I thought was a really cool idea, they both made a face and shook their heads.
Fortune Street - Game Review
A look at Nintendo's Monopoly-inspired virtual board game.
Wii Safety FAQ - Wii Dangers and How to Avoid...
Learn how to avoid injury while playing those dangerously active Wii games.
DJ Hero - Game Review
Going into a club and being assaulted by the insistent, bone-shaking metronome thump of modern dance
Skylanders SuperChargers - Hands-on Preview
A quick look at Skylanders Superchargers, a new entry in the series that introduces vehicles and, on the Wii U and 3DS, some Nintendo characters.
What 8 Months with Wii Fit U Did For Me
I committed fully to Wii Fit U for over 8 months. I learned a lot about Nintendo's approach to fitness software, but did it do me any good?
The Wii Gift Guide
Some of the best new Wii products on the market for the 2013 holiday season.
The Wii's 5 Wackiest, Weirdest Add-Ons
My nominees for the oddest, most over-the-top or least practical accessories produced for the Wii.
Nintendo's Wii U GamePad High-Capacity Battery
A look at Nintendo's extended battery for the Wii U gamepad.
How Netflix Can Improve Streaming on the Wii
A few months ago, Netflix began to offer the ability to stream movies through the Wii. It’s a nice little system, but it could be so much better. Here are 10 things Netflix needs to do to make their Wii streaming video experience great.
Fatal Frame: Maiden of Blackwater - Reviewing a...
The Fatal Frame series with its camera weapon seems custom made for the Wii U. That makes Fatal Frame: Maiden of Blackwater terrific, but not perfect.
A Look at the Wii U Gamepad and the Wii U's...
A look at the Wii U Gamepad and Nintendo's plans for Wii U social interactivity.
Mutant Mudds Deluxe - Wii U Game Review
A look at the Wii U port of a 3DS game.
NERF Sports Pack - Wii Accessory Review
A review of NERF Sports Pack, a set of Wii remote add-ons to emulate sports equipment.
Nintendo's Wii Remote Charging Cradle and...
A review of Nintendo's charge cradle for the Wii remote.
Guitar Hero Live - Preview
I got a chance to play a little of Guitar Hero Live, which comes out for the Wii U and most other platforms later this year. It's promising, although I still wish the Wii U were getting Rock Band 4 as well.
Major Wii U System Update Adds Folders
Nintendo has finally brought folder technology to the Wii U menu, along with some other nice tweaks, in their latest system update.
'No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle' - Game...
Travis Touchdown swings his sword, slicing cleanly through his attacker’s neck. Blood gushes like a red geyser as the head hurtles straight up into the air then lands back on the neck before the body can fall. That head lands so neatly, in fact, that it opens its mouth and starts threatening Travis. In the action game 'No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle,' this is how the world works.
The Voice - Wii U Review
The karaoke game The Voice purports to be based on the TV series of the same name, but while it's not a bad karaoke game, it doesn't put much effort into looking like the series.
EA's Wii U Vendetta
A look at EA's weirdly vindictive attitude towards the Wii U.
Nintendo Patent Reveals Potential Virtual...
Nintendo has filed a patent for a 3D display on a 2D screen, and suggested other possible virtual reality effects. Will it come to anything?
Yoshi’s Woolly World - A Warm and Fuzzy...
Nintendo's wool-themed side-scrolling platformer Yoshi's Wooly World is adorable even by Nintendo standards, It's also a lot of fun.
Xenoblade Chronicles vs. The Last Story: Which...
Two great JRPGs came out for the Wii within a few months of one another. You don't have to choose between them, because they're both great, but if you've only got the money for one, here's a handy comparison.
Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol...
A review of the singing game Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore 2 for the Nintendo Wii
'Silent Hill: Shattered Memories' Nightmare FAQ
For most people, the most difficult part of 'Silent Hill: Shattered Memories' is making it through the “nightmare sequences” in which the world becomes frozen and populated with savage monsters. When I got stuck in the game, I went to gamefaqs.com and searched the forums for advice. I’ve played through the game a couple of times, and this is the advice that I found helpful.
'Just Dance 2' Game Review
Pros : Fun choreography and visuals. Great exercise. Cons : Scoring is broken. While Just Dance was a
Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt - Trophy Showdown -...
A non-hunter goes hunting, with mixed results.
Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip - Game Review
Video game review of Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip for the Nintendo Wii
Red Steel 2 - Game Review
Can some snazzy visuals and MotionPlus support make this sequel succeed where its predecessor failed?
The E3 Presentations: 2015 Report Card –...
Last year Nintendo amazed everyone with a dazzling E3 presentation full of surprises. This year, not so much. Here's a look at how Nintendo did against Sony and Microsoft.
Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident -...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" > Pros: Good story
DreamGear's Quad Dock Plus - Accessory Review
DreamGear’s Quad Dock Plus, which can make up to 4 Wii remotes rechargeable, worked great for five days. Then it died. Normally my response would be to contact the manufacturer and ask for a second review unit, but based on my past experiences with DreamGear, I’m not even going to bother.
Virtua Tennis 4 - Game Review
Pros: Nicely designed MotionPlus mode. Cons: Most of game requires use of really bad control set up.

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