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Without games, a game console is nothing but an expensive paperweight. There are some great games for the Wii, and there are some terrible games for the Wii; below I help you figure out which are which.
  1. Action Games
  2. Activity Games
  3. Adventure Games
  4. Action Adventure Games
  5. Fitness Games
  1. Music Games
  2. Platformers
  3. Puzzle Games
  4. Sports Games
  5. Strategy Games

Action Games

Guns, swords, fists! Run, jump, DUCK! If you like to get the adrenaline pumping, these are the games for you.

Activity Games

Wii Fit Plus

The Wii has a lot of games that are just about doing random stuff. Cooking, playing frisbee ... anything that seems like a good use for the Wii remote. Here's a few very miscellaneous choices.

Adventure Games

Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhale

The classic, puzzle-driven adventure game genre isn't as popular as it once was, but point-and-click style adventure games work beautifully on the Wii, which explains why they are more common here than on other consoles. Adventure games are my first video game love; I hope we get a lot more of them.

Action Adventure Games

De Blob

Some people like the adrenaline rush of fast paced action, some people like the contemplative nature of unraveling puzzles, but some like a little of both. These games are for them.

Fitness Games

The active nature of Wii gaming has made it a great fit for workout games. If you want to get in shape, these are the games you're interested in.

Music Games

There are a lot of music and rhythm games for the Wii. Dance, sing, play an instrument; if you want it, there's a game that lets you do it.


Donkey Kong Country Returns

Run, jump, fall, die, restart, run, jump, fall, restart run, jump, make it!

Puzzle Games

If you like your puzzle solving pure, devoid of epic storylines and complex strategy, these are the games that are all about solving stuff.

Sports Games

While the Wii has revolutionized games in general, sports is where the difference between the Wii and other consoles is most evident. With Wii sports games you don't sit on the coach pushing buttons, you stand there waving your arms, moving your body, and knowing that the crowd is really cheering just for you. The referee is ready; are you?

Strategy Games

Do you think strategically? Do you consider the probabilities, explore the options and ponder multiple paths to victory. Try playing some of these.

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