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Wii U Information


Nintendo's innovative Wii U console is like no other gaming machine. Here you can find information on the console's features and the games you can play on it.
  1. Basic Wii U Information
  2. Wii U Game Information
  3. Analysis and Opinion
  4. Wii U Glossary

Basic Wii U Information

Wii U Console + Gamepad

Articles and blog entries that tell you what the Wii U is, what its features will be and what games you'll be able to play on the system.

Wii U Game Information

A look at the games that have come out or will come out for the Wii U, and which ones are worth playing.

Analysis and Opinion

Articles focused on the strengths and weaknesses of the console, as well as what Nintendo is doing and what they should be doing.

Wii U Glossary

Simple definitions for Wii U-related phrases you might not be familiar with.

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