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Wii Skins

Make Your Wii Look Cooler by Skinning It


Wii Skins

Neon Frenzy


Bored of staring at the stark whiteness of your Wii? Why not cover it in psychedelic swirls, cartoon characters or pictures of your cat? You can do all this and more with Wii skins, oversized decals that give your Wii a whole new look.

I recently tried out a Wii skin from Exo-Flex called Neon Frenzy, which looks like purple liquid fused with electricity. After I received it, I spent a lot of time considering whether I really wanted my Wii to look like that, and for a couple of weeks I just left the skin on a shelf, not sure whether I really wanted my game console to make a fashion statement.

Finally I decided to go for it. The skin came on two sheets, each with pieces for every part of the Wii. These look like paper decals, but when I peeled a piece off the backing sheet I saw it was sturdy vinyl.

Each piece is backed with adhesive and shaped to fit on one specific part of the Wii. I started with a large piece. It took me a few attempts to get it aligned perfectly, but I found it was easy to peel the piece off and reposition it. Exo-Flex’s website says there is no problem with air bubbles getting under the skin. I don’t know whether this is actually a problem with other skins, since I haven’t tried any, but I didn’t see any air bubbles in this one.

The most difficult piece to put on is the front section, which has to be carefully aligned with the disc slot and the various buttons. That one took the most work. Altogether I probably spent ten to fifteen minutes customizing my Wii.

Once it was done, I really liked it. It looks cool, and I’m looking forward to showing it to people. I’d even considering getting the matching skins for the remote and nunchuk. What doesn’t look good now is the gray base I use to keep my Wii propped on its side; I wish there was a skin for that as well.

After the skin had been on a couple of days I decided to see how removable it was, and I found I could peel off a piece without too much difficulty. Unlike cheap decals, no adhesive was left on the Wii.

There are a lot of skins you can buy for your Wii in a variety of prices. Besides Exo-Flex, which sells their skins for $17, there is Decal Girl, which has the lowest prices ($15) and largest collection of Wii skins, and Gelaskins, whose pricey $30 skins boast some of the coolest and most original designs, many done by artists (including, much to my surprise, one by an artist friend of mine named Ron English).

If you want to design your own skin you can check out Unique Skins $20 do-it-yourself system. The nicely done online skin design application lets you choose images from the site’s library and upload photos of your own, which can be sized and positioned, making it the perfect skin site for budding collage artists.

There’s nothing wrong with white, and if you like your electronic equipment slick and antiseptic looking, you’re probably not going to be too enthused about skinning your Wii. But skins are great for those who want their console to show a little more personality.

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