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Nintendo Patent Hints at Their Ideas for Virtual Reality Gaming
Nintendo has filed a patent for a 3D display on a 2D screen, and suggested other possible virtual reality effects. Will it come to anything?

Nintendo: Lettings Girls Be Girls – If They Want

The E3 Presentations: 2014 Report Card
A look at how Nintendo fared against Microsoft and Sony in 2014's E3 presentations.

Nintendo Reveals Next Zelda, New IPs, 2 Bayonettas, Star Fox, Amiibos,
A look at Nintendo's 2014 E3 presentation, in which Nintendo finally gets it right.

Investor Q&A: Miyamoto to Reveal Gamepad-centric Titles
A summary of the investors' Question and Answer session following Nintendo's announcement of it's 2014 financial year results.

Nintendo to Introduce NFC Figurines, Phone App Roll-Out
A report on Nintendo's Financial Year End Briefing for 2014

Five Ways Third Party Publishers Are Ruining Their Chances on the Wii U
A look at some of the things third part publishers are doing wrong.

How Nintendo Has Made Wii U Success Difficult for Third Party Publishers
An exploration into why third party publishers struggle to sell on Nintendo's home consoles.

Nine Ways Nintendo Failed the Wii U, and What They Can Do To Save It
A look at how Nintendo failed the Wii U, suggestions on what they can do about it, and a guess as to how likely they are to change.

The Wii U Year in Review: 2013
A look at the ups and downs of the Wii U in 2013, month by month.

Is Super Mario 3D World Struggling?

Nintendo's Seven Biggest Wii U Marketing Mistakes
A look at how Nintendo has failed to sell the Wii U effectively.

Nintendo's Big Month
It's been an interesting month for Nintendo and the Wii U, with announcements and updates and surprises. Does it all mean something?

The Wii U Debate Rages On: DOA or a Panther Waiting to Leap?
A look at currents thoughts in the press about the success or failure of the Wii U.

Amazon Instant Video - Software Review (Wii and Wii U)
A look at Amazon's Instant Video service, which allows Wii and Wii U owners to access entertainment through their consoles.

Once again critics are laying into a Nintendo console. But like the stopped clock, could they be right just this once?

Oh Wii U, I Unbox Thee
An ode to the unboxing of the Wii U.

Storm Clouds on the Wii U Horizon
A look at why some gamers are deeply concerned about recent Wii U game announcements and rumors.

Recent Reveals Making Gamers Nervous About Wii U Online System
A look at how gamers are reacting to recent news on the Wii U's online situation.

10 Realizations Inspired by Nintendo’s September Wii U Press Event - Plus 1
A look at what I've figured out about the Nintendo Wii U after their big September, 2012, press event.

Two great JRPGs came out for the Wii within a few months of one another. You...
Two great JRPGs came out for the Wii within a few months of one another. You don't have to choose between them, because they're both great, but if you've only got the money for one, here's a handy comparison.

The E3 2012 Report Card
How did the three console makers do at E3 2012? We score them all.

The Wii U at E3 2012: Did Nintendo's Sales Pitch Fall Short?
Nintendo used their press conference at E3 2012 to convince the world that their Wii U games would make the console a must buy in a presenatation unlikely to change many minds.

Does Michael Pachter Know What He's Talking About?
Video game industry analyst Michael Pachter is found of predicting the future of the game industry. Since one of his current predictions is that the Wii U will do poorly, I thought I'd take a look at how accurate his past predictions have been.

Should You Replace Conventional Television with Streaming Media on Your Wii?
For TV fans, there are options beyond conventional broadcast or cable TV. Herewith, a handy chart to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of switching to using Wii streaming media services like Netflix and Hulu Plus to get your television fix.

Wii Hulu Plus Channel Review
A look at the Hulu Plus Channel for the Wii, what it is, how it works, and how it compares with Netflix.

Will Microsoft Kinect and Playstation Move Be Wii-Killers? - Analysis
Both Microsoft and Sony releasing add-ons for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 that will allow for Wii-styled gesture gameplay. How will this impact Nintendo’s predominance in the console wars?

Netflix on the Wii - Review
Netflix is finally coming to the Wii (at least officially; PlayOn has offered a way to view Netflix movies on the Wii for a while now). In a few weeks, Netflix subscribers with a Wii can get a disk from Netflix that will allow them to stream movies directly through their console. I’ve had the opportunity to try out Netflix on the Wii, and while the interface is rather minimal, it works very w…

Why Some Gamers Are "Shadow of the Eternals" Skeptics
Some history on the company that created Eternal Darkness, and how its difficulties influence perceptions of the "Shadow of the Eternals" crowdfunding project.

Readers' Favorite Wii Homebrew Games
Reader's choices for the best Wii homebrew games.

Readers' Favorite Wii Homebrew Software
Reader's choices for the best Wii homebrew games and applications.

Confessions of a Guitar Hero Incompetent
The sad tale of a woman's struggle to get through at least a single song in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Netflix on the Wii: What Netflix Instant Streaming Users Want
Feel the Netflix streaming video service available on the Nintendo Wii isn't perfect yet? Help Netflix by letting them know what they need to improve.

Coping with Video-Game Related Repetitive Stress Injuries
Gaming can be hard on the body. This is how I control the pain in my hands from my repetitive stress injuries.

News of the Wii U: Nintendo’s Unveils a New Console at E3
The news from E3 the week the Wii U was unveiled.

Disappointing PS4 and Xbox One Launch Titles Make the Wii U Look Really Good
A look at why the Wii U is the best next-gen console of 2013, and possibly of the following year as well.

For the Wii U, Nintendo Does Better, But Falls Short of Wii Offerings
A look at how Nintendo is still failing the Wii U.

Proposed: The Nintendo-Only Box
If Nintendo Lives and Dies on Zelda and Mario, Would Their Best Bet Be to Ditch Third Parties and Drop Weird Controllers?

The E3 2013 Report Card - Did Nintendo Further the Wii U Cause?
A look at how the big three console makers fared during E3.

How Microsoft’s New Focus Could Change Gamer Perception of the Wii U
As Microsoft Looks Beyond Games, Will Gamers Find New Appreciation for Nintendo?

Wii U Specs
A look at the specs for Nintendo's Wii U console.

Is Electronic Arts Trying to Kill the Wii U?
A look at EA's weirdly vindictive attitude towards the Wii U.

It’s Time for the Console Game Industry to Kick Their Hardware Addiction
Whether it's shiny new graphics or fancy new controllers, the console industry is convinced that the best way to sell games is with new toys. That's not the answer.

Five Ways to Make Core Gamers Finally Accept Gesture Gaming
Gesture gaming is still unpopular among many core gamers. Here are five ways game developers could change that.

The History of Gesture Gaming
A look at gesture gaming technology, both before and after the introduction of the Wii.

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