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How to use Cheats in Games Using Wii Homebrew


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Create a GCT File: Select, Edit and Save Your Cheats
How to use Cheats in Games Using Wii Homebrew

After finding the cheat file for your game, you need to select the particular cheats you want enabled (invincibility, increased speed, all weapons, etc.) and save them into a “GCT” file that can be read by Gecko OS. This can be done through Accio Cheats, the Online GCT Creator or the Gecko Cheat Code Manager. While the interfaces for each are different, the basics are the same.

You will have a list of cheats. Each cheat code is made up of sets of alphanumeric characters, for example, “205AF7C4 4182000C.” In some cases some numbers will be strings of Xs which must be replaced with the appropriate alphanumeric string. Xs are used when there is more than one option; a comment in, above or below the cheat will tell you what values can replace the Xs.

The Online GCT Creator and the Gecko Cheat Code Manager both allow you to add more cheat codes. You can check the Wiired forums to see if there are any codes not included in the Gecko database.

Option 1: Create a GCT File Using Accio Hacks

Option 2: Create a GCT File Using Online GCT Creator

Option 3: Create a GCT File Using Gecko Cheat Code Manager

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