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Wii Homebrew

Wii Homebrew represents the ability to hack into your Wii in order to run applications and free homemade games and utilities. It's an advanced subject, and about.com offers various how-tos, recommendations and advice for those interested who want to delve into it.

How to Install the Homebrew Channel into the Wii Us Wii Mode
A guide to installing the homebrew channel to the Wii Mode of your Wii U.

Reader Reviews of Wii Homebrew Games
Budding game designers have created some great games for Wii homebrew. They have also created some not-so-great games. Here you can see what Wii homebrew games people like, and share your own opinion of the best and worst games.

Reader Reviews of Wii Homebrew Applications
There are a growing number of Wii Homebrew Applications created by erstwhile programmers. Some are great, some are terrible, and there's no way of guessing which are which. Here you can see what other people think of Wii Homebrew software and you can give your own opinion.

How Do I Fix Error #002 on a Homebrewed Nintendo Wii
Instructions on dealing with Wii Error #002.

How Do I Play Games that Require a System Update if My Wii is…
System updates are dangerous to a Wii console with homebrew installed onto it, as updates can "brick" the system. But some game disks contain a system update and won't let you play the game until your Wii is updated. Is there a way around this?

Wii Homebrew - Explore the Fascinating World of Homebrew Software
Finally, I have explored the mysterious world of Wii Homebrew, in which devoted hackers have created a system that allows gamers to install software such as console emulators and media players onto their Wiis. It may void your warranty and will quite possibly confuse and aggravate you, but it will also open up a world of new Wii possibilities.

Wii Homebrew - How to Install the Wii Homebrew Channel
Step-by-step instructions to install the Homebrew Channel on your Wii, which is a way to hack your wii in order to allow you to run freeware games, use your Wii as a media player and more.

Wii Homebrew: Five Essential Homebrew Applications
So, you've installed the homebrew channel on your Wii. Now what? Here are five applications to help you get the most out of your homebrewed Wii.

The Six Most Intriguing Wii Homebrew Games
Gamers can install the Homebrew Channel to use the Wii as a media player or to run game emulators, but they can also download a number of interesting games. Here are six you really should check out.

FAQ: How Do I Update Wii Channels if I Have Homebrew Installed
Instructions on how those with homebrew installed on their Nintendo Wii can update individual channels such as the shopping channel without having to perform a system update.

How to use Cheats in Games Using Wii Homebrew
A step by step guide to installing cheats for specific games to a homebrewed Wii

How Do I Restore the Homebrew Channel After I Accidentally Up…
From time to time someone emails me to say their child or a friend updated their Wii operating system, resulting in the loss of the Homebrew Channel. How, they ask, can they get their homebrew back.

Reviews of Wii Homebrew Applications
User reviews of Wii Homebrew ApplicationsSee submissions

Reviews of Wii Homebrew Games
User reviews of Wii Homebrew GamesSee submissions

Wii Homebrew
A look at Wii homebrew, what it is, how to use it, and what to do when things go wrong.

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