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A List of Free HTML5 Games You Can Play On the Wii U Browser
A listing of HTML5 games you can play on the Wii U browser.

The Top 12 Wii U Games of 2013
A list of my favorite Wii U Games in 2013.

The 10 Most Promising Upcoming Wii U Games of 2013
A look at the most promising games coming to the Wii U this Fall/Winter.

The 10 Most Annoying Things About the Wii U
A few things about the Wii U that just bug me.

Ten of the Coolest Things About the Wii U
A look at some of the many cool features of the Wii U.

The Wii U Gift Guide
Some of the best new Wii U products on the market for the 2012 holiday season.

The 10 Most Anticipated Wii U Games of 2012: Will They Live Up to the Hype?
A look at the most promising games the Wii U will be getting this year, with why you should be excited, and why you might be disappointed.

The Wii U Rumor Mill
Before Nintendo answers all our questions at e3 2012, a last look at all the rumors that have gone around.

The Top Stupid Advice Nintendo is Getting
A look at the dumbest ideas game journalists and industry analysts are offering Nintendo.

Five Things Nintendo Could Announce at E3 to Make the Wii U a Huge Hit
So far people aren't really fired up about the Wii U. Here's some advice to Nintendo on how to change that at this year's E3.

5 Reasons why Xenoblade Chronicles is the Most Important Wii Game of the Year
A look at the importance of Xenoblade Chronicles to the Nintendo's future.

7 Reasons Why Misguided Critics are Hating on "Skyward Sword"
A look into the motives of some disgruntled gamers complaints regarding The Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword.

12 Reasons the Wii U Will Succeed
Why the Wii U is bound to be a huge success.

12 Reasons the Wii U Will Fail
Why the Wii U is bound to be a massive failure.

Nine Things Nintendo Can Do to Make the Wii U Better Than the Wii
A look at some places where Nintendo went wrong in their Wii design, with advice on how to do things right for the sequel

12 Games That Should Be on The Wii U
Here are 11 games that would be perfectly suited to the upcoming Wii U console.

Speak Up! What Games Should Be Ported to the Wii U
The Wii U controller offers a whole new way to play games. What existing games do you think would be perfect on the upcoming console?

The Ten Best Wii Mini-Game Collections
While there are certainly too many mini-game releases for the Wii, some of them are a lot of fun. Here are 10.

The 15 Greatest Games Ever Released for the Wii
A look at the very best games to ever come to the Wii.

10 Reasons the Wii was Awesome
With the Wii about to go the way of the PS2, it's time too look back on all the great things the console had to offer.

The Six Most Intriguing Wii Homebrew Games

Gamers can install the homebrew channel to use the Wii as a media player or to run game emulators, but they can also download a number of interesting games. Many are simply ports of old games or new versions of standards like Pong, Tower Defense

10 Reasons the Wii Sucked
As the Wii sails off into the sunset, let's take a moment to ponder upon all the things that were wrong with it.

Seven Multi-Platform Games That Are Better on the Wii
A look at a few games that you should buy for the Wii no matter how many other consoles you own.

The 5 Most Annoying Wii Gestures
A look at the worst things game designers make players do with their Wii Remotes.

The 10 Most Overrated Wii Games of all Time

5 Reasons to Buy a Wii (Not an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3)
For gamers, one of the hardest decisions is which console to buy: each offers games and features you wont get from the others. If youve got a thousand dollars or so to fritter away, I say get them all. Otherwise, here are the top five reasons the Wii might be the console for you.

The 6 Most Romantic Wii Games
A look at a few Wii games with a little romance in them.

The 11 Best Wii Exclusives of All Time
Some games can be played on everything from the PS3 to the DS, but other games come out only on one platform. Wii exclusives are especially notable, because without having to worry about making a game that works on multiple platforms, game designers can think entirely in terms of motion control, creating games that could not be replicated on...

9 Fancy-Schmancy Controllers and the Wii Games That Need Them
Sometimes a Wii remote just isn't enough. Here are some of the fancier controllers that have found their way to the Wii.

The Top 10 Wii U Games of 2012
A list of 2012's best Wii U titles.

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