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How to Install the Wii Homebrew Channel


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Begin Homebrew Installation (Letterbomb method)
How to Install the Wii Homebrew Channel

There is a little door next to the game disk slot on the Wii, open it and you will see a slot for a SD card. Insert the SD card into it so that the top of the card is towards the game disk slot. If it only goes partway in, you’re inserting it backwards or upside down.

Turn on your Wii. Once the main menu is up, click on the envelope in the circle on the lower right of the screen. This takes you to your Wii Message Board. Now you need to find a special message indicated by a red envelope containing a cartoon bomb (see screenshot). This will most likely be in yesterday's mail, so click the blue arrow to the left to go to the previous day. According to the instructions it could also turn up in today or two days ago. Once you find the envelope, click on it.

For the next step click here. (We're skipping steps 5 and 6, which are devoted to the Bannerbomb Method.)
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