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How to Connect Your Wii to Your Television


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Finish the Set Up and Play Games
Turn on your TV. Set your TV input for the input channel your Wii is plugged into. This can usually be done through a button on your television remote generally called “tv/video” or “input select.”

Read any onscreen text. This will be either a warning, in which case you can press the A button, or a request for information, such as whether the sensor is above or below your TV and what the date is. Point the remote straight at the screen. You will see a cursor similar to the mouse cursor on a computer. The “A” button does the equivalent of a mouse click.

Once you have answered all the questions you are ready to play games. Push a game disc into the disc slot; the illustrated side of the CD should face away from the power button.

The main Wii screen shows a bunch of TV screen-shaped boxes, and clicking on the top left one will take you to the game screen. Click the START button and begin playing.

Have fun!

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