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Twin Star Sabers - Accessory Review

DreamGear's Twin Star Sabers Can Be Destroyed by Children of All Ages

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DreamGear Twin Star Sabers

Twin Star Sabers consists of one red and one blue saber.


DreamGear’s Twin Star Sabers, a pair of Wii remote add-ons that turn your remote into a light saber, fulfill the first basic necessity of gifts for kids: they look cool when you open them up.

Quality: Is This Supposed to Come Off?

I also would have destroyed it in about five minutes, because in spite of my advanced age and mellow habits, the thing started falling apart almost immediately.

The handle into which you insert the remote has a hinged back that locks into place with two plastic locks. One of those locks snapped off after I’d removed and reinserted the Wii five or six times. The other lock is still in place, but it looks like a little more use would take care of it too.

The Styrofoam blade is already beginning to fray a little. To be fair, a more durable plastic blade would probably also hurt more if you hit someone with it, so I can give DreamGear a pass on that, but the deteriorating handle is an unmitigated disaster. I wasn’t trying to stress test the saber, like Consumer Reports would, but I still managed to destroy it.

The saber also makes sounds when you wave it around, but you have to swing it pretty hard to get those sounds, even though you generally need very little movement to play a Wii game. The sounds are also quiet and tiny.

Conclusion: Just Imagine How Fast A Kid Could Destroy This Thing.

DreamGear seems set on disappointing me. Like the last product of theirs I reviewed, the Rumble Blaster, the Twin Star Sabers look cool but are shoddily made. They offer a pleasing façade designed to lure in customers, but deliver much less than they promise.

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