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Energizer’s Power & Play Recharge Station - Accessory Review

A Battery Maker Moves into Wii Accessories with Good Results

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Energizer’s Power & Play Recharge Station - Accessory Review

It is difficult to review a product that is virtually identical to a product you already reviewed, so I’m at a bit of a loss when discussing Energizer’s Power & Play Recharge Station for the Wii. The easiest thing would be to just copy and past my review of Nyko’s Charge Station for the Wii, but that seems a little lazy.

It's a Charge Station; What's Not to Love?

The differences between the Energizer and Nyko chargers are minor. Unlike the Nyko battery cover, which is grooved to theoretically allow for a better grip on the remote (I don’t think it really makes any difference), the Energizer battery cover is smooth like the one that comes with the remote. And the charging light on the Power & Play Station is a long line instead of a circle, which I think looks a little cooler. As with the Nyko charger, you must unplug the nunchuk and remove the remote’s rubber sleeve, if you use it, before putting the remote in the charge station.

The biggest difference I can find between the two charge stations is that you can find Nyko’s selling for $10 or more less than the Energizer one, which has an MSRP of $39.99.

When I saw Energizer’s charger at a trade show I asked the PR flack, why would someone choose the Energizer charger over any other charger. I could tell he hadn’t heard that question before, but quickly replied, “because of the Energizer reputation?” It’s a pretty good answer, although Nyko’s reputation as a game peripheral maker would probably trump Energizer’s reputation as a battery maker among gamers.

I certainly consider a charge station an essential accessory for the Wii, and so far as I can tell the Energizer one seems to be the equal of the Nyko one. Buy whichever one is cheaper or whichever one you happen upon in your local store.

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