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Logitech Cordless Keyboard for Wii - Product Review

A Keyboard for the Wii Makes Browsing the Internet Easier

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Logitech Cordless Keyboard for Wii - Product Review
The Wii remote is great when you want to swing a virtual sword or a virtual tennis racquet, but if you’re trying to browse the Internet on the Wii Internet Channel, laboriously pointing and clicking at letters gets old real fast. Happily, the Wii is designed to work with a standard USB keyboard, but those looking for a keyboard specifically designed for the Wii need look no further than Logitech’s Cordless Keyboard for Wii.

The Basics: Small and Efficient

Logitech’s keyboard is a small (about a foot by 7 inches), lap-friendly device, and is the same shade of white as the Wii itself. Plug the keyboard’s receiver in a Wii USB port, put batteries in the keyboard and you’re ready to go. (There are buttons on the keyboard and receiver that one would expect to use to set up communication between the devices, but apparently you don’t need them, although I pressed them anyway.)

The design is similar to laptop keyboards, with the number pad and some other keys folded into the alphabet keys. Logitech has also squeezed in a couple of extra keys, such as an “OK” key that is equivalent to using your Wii remote to click an OK button (on a standard keyboard you would press alt+enter) and a Quit key. There are also zoom in, zoom out, forward and back buttons. These are all available on a normal keyboard (as plus, minus, cursor right and cursor left), but Logitech makes their use more apparent.

Drawbacks: Some Odd Design Choices

Unfortunately Logitech has made a couple of strange design choices. For example, the “OK” key should logically be next to the “enter” key, in the same way that Logitech has put the “quit” key next to “escape,” but instead “OK” is stuck in an out-of-the-way part of the keyboard.

Also, number pad functionality is accessed using a “FN” key that turns letters to number, a standard laptop keyboard method. I am used to using the number pad with my right hand, but because the “FN” key is on the right side of the keyboard, you have to use your left hand instead.

You still need to use the Wii remote for a lot of Internet navigation, but that is simply because the Wii browser does not support all keyboard functionality (such as page up or using the tab key to change form fields).

Conclusion: Worth Buying If You Plan to Do a Lot of Typing on Your Wii

In spite of a few flaws, Logitech’s Cordless Keyboard for Wii is easier to handle than a conventional keyboard, mainly because of its small size, and does a good job of making browsing the Internet on your Wii easier. But it won’t do you any good at all when it’s time to swing that sword.

User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
the Logitech Cordless Keyboard for Wii., Member DrewEstes

Hi, I am Drew. today I will tell you only what I know thus far about this keyboard. It will almost always have to exist along side of the stick remote. This is actually the first time that i have used this device alone without any need for the other control stick, and it does feel quite excitable only for the hope for a game to come into the market that required the direct use of the keyboard. I only have one Major problem regarding this purchase, and that is the absolute disregard from the company to simply place a user manual for the unit, and that fact has left me totally clueless on how this device operates in its totality leaving me way out in left field when it comes to the large portions of the units capabilities. I personally have no clue about making this unit fully functional as I expect out of any multi functioning device. If there is anyone out there that reads this please help me and many others whose thirty dollar Wii keyboard was never packaged with the proper operations manual.

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