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Wii Remote Plus - Peripheral Review

Nintendo's New Remote Does Exactly What It's Supposed To Do

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Wii Remote Plus

Nintendo has folded MotionPlus capabilities into their remote.


Pros: It works the way it's supposed to.
Cons: There still aren't that many games you'll need it for.

It’s hard to review Nintendo’s new Wii Remote Plus, not because it isn’t a good product but because once you’ve said, “it works” there’s really not a lot left to say. So for those of you who like short reviews:

It works.

The Basics: A MotionPlus-Capable Remote for Your Wii

For those of you who like a little more information, the Remote Plus is a Wii remote that has the added capabilities of the MotionPlus add-on that makes motion detection more accurate.

The Remote Plus is the same size and weight as the original Wii remote, and unlike Nyko’s recent Wand+, it has no connection or compatibility issues. Nintendo has simply taken the basic remote and added something without losing anything.

Almost, anyway. When I first hooked up the Remote Plus the cursor was jumping around erratically. After I turned the console off and on, it worked fine and has worked fine since. According to Nintendo’s site, if you’re having problems with the remote you can start a game that is MotionPlus-capable and lie the remote face down for a few seconds to recalibrate it. So this would only be a problem if you were playing a game that did not use the MotionPlus, in which case I suppose you’d do what I did and turn the console off. Since I haven’t had any problems since that first time, when playing both MotionPlus and non-MotionPlus games, I am going on the assumption that this is not going to be a real problem.

A Caveat: What About the Lack of MotionPlus Games?


FlingSmash Will Wear Out Your Arm, If That's What You Want in a Game


The question now is, are there enough MotionPlus games on the market to make it worthwhile to buy this new remote? There are still only a few games that use MotionPlus, such as Red Steel, Wii Sports Resort, Grand Slam Tennis and the last couple of Tiger Woods games. If you haven’t already purchased a MotionPlus add-on, you may not feel the need for one until the next Legend of Zelda game comes out, as it requires the MotionPlus.

The Bundled Version: A Few Unkind Words About FlingSmash

Certainly Nintendo is unlikely to impress a lot of people with their latest MotionPlus offering, FlingSmash, which is being bundled with the Remote Plus. FlingSmash involves using the remote to hit a ball against bricks to break them. It’s sort of like Breakout but less entertaining. It’s also very wearying on the arm, and while it should be showing off the improved capabilities of the MotionPlus, I didn’t really feel I could aim the fast moving ball all that well. After releasing one of the best MotionPlus games with Wii Sports Resort, it’s a shock that Nintendo has managed to release as their second MotionPlus title one of the worst. Fortunately it is possible to buy the new remote non-bundled.

The Verdict: In Which I Repeat My Original Statement

It is up to each gamer to decide whether or not it is worth buying a new remote that supports the MotionPlus technology. All I can tell you is: it works.

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