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Memorex Wii Dual Controller Charging Kit Review

It Doesn't Look Like Much, But This Charger Does the Trick

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Memorex Wii Dual Controller Charging Kit

The Wii Dual Controller Charging Kit from Memorex is not sexy. It does not have a stylish, modern-furniture look like Nyko’s Charge Base IC nor a unique, space-saving design like Energizer’s Flat Panel Induction Charging System. But while it’s simple, workaday look is unlikely to win any design awards, Memorex’s charger simply and flawlessly does what it’s supposed to do; it charges up your Wii remote.

The Basic: A Conventional Design That Works

This charging kit has the same basics as any inductive charging system. A battery pack is inserted into the battery compartment of the Wii remote. The remote is then placed on the charging base. With inductive chargers the pack will charge up even if the remote is encased in a protective silicon sleeve.

The Memorex charger is a little smaller than a paperback book. It is white, with a clear top that looks more like a dust cover; when I got it I looked to see if it was a removable protective top, but no, for some reason Memorex wanted the device to have a clear top.

The charger has indentations in which to lay the Wii remote. The bottom of the remote hangs over the edge so that you don’t have to remove the nunchuk cord or a MotionPlus attachment before charging.

Special Case: How Simplicity Sometimes Works Best

By pure coincidence, I happened to get a special Wii remote sleeve around the same time I received the charger. For this one, odd sleeve, the Memorex charger turned out to be superior to my other favorites. The sleeve, a leather one from CM4 (which I plan to review soon) doesn’t work with Nyko’s Charge Base IC, because the magnet that holds the remote in place is ineffective through the leather. And while the Energizer Flat Planel charger will work, it too uses a magnet for placement, and it is more difficult to line up the remote on the flat base when the magnet can’t help with placement.

Conclusion: This is One of the Best Remote Chargers Available

Admittedly the number of people who will purchase leather Wii remote sleeves is likely to be quite small, but it does demonstrate the beauty of the Memorex charger’s simple design. It’s not that pretty, but it is hard to confound.

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