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Wii Games September 2012 Archive


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Nintendo Gamer Reports Wii's FIFA 13 is Just FIFA 12

Sunday September 30, 2012
Sports game series, which come out yearly, don't generally change a lot from one year to the next, with just new team rosters and tweaks to the interface and the ... Read More

Amazon Thinks Maybe You Don't Really Want a Wii U

Thursday September 27, 2012
Someone on reddit just noticed that right now if you go to Amazon and search for the Wii U, you'll get a box at the top that says "Other Gaming ... Read More

Darksiders II Previewed

Wednesday September 26, 2012
I never played the first Darksiders game, and until I played a little of the sequel at Nintendo's recent New York press event I really had no idea what it ... Read More

Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure Reviewed

Wednesday September 26, 2012
I don't normally review games for young children, since I don't know any - or want to - but due to a dearth of Wii games I decided to take ... Read More

Wii U Ad Spotted in Japan

Wednesday September 26, 2012
Someone on Twitter posted an ad for the Wii U thtat they saw on a Japanese wall. Surprisingly, the ad is focused mainly on the Wii U Controller Pro. That controller is ... Read More

Rumor: New Wii U Game Engines, from Retro, Unreal Engine 4 Possible

Wednesday September 26, 2012
GenGAME is spreading a rumor that Retro Studios, the Nintendo-exclusive developer best known for the Metroid Prime trilogy, is, at the behest of Nintendo,  "creating game engines for Wii U ... Read More

Nintendo Announces Reshuffled Wii U Game Release List

Wednesday September 26, 2012
Today, Nintendo  updated the release dates for the 52 games they have declared in their launch window, which goes from the Wii U's launch on November 18th through the end ... Read More

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Wii U/3DS Interoperability Details

Tuesday September 25, 2012
Capcom has offered details on how the Wii U version of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will connect to the 3DS version of the game.  First off, it will be possible ... Read More

Journalists Argue About the Wii U Pro Controller

Monday September 24, 2012
A few days ago, Kotaku published a piece titled I Hate the Wii U Pro Controller in which Brian Ashcroft described Nintendo's Xbox 360-style alternate controller as a cheap bit of ... Read More

Rumor: AMD Gave Wii U Specs to Random Guys Via Email

Monday September 24, 2012
UPDATE: I contacted AMD tech support and all I got was a reply saying: "As stated on Nintendo's official Wii U tech spec website (http://www.nintendo.com/wiiu/features/tech-specs/), the Wii U utilizes ... Read More

Sony: Vita/PS3 Combo Can "Easily" Mimick the Wii U

Monday September 24, 2012
In an interview with Endgadget, Sony VP John Koller claimed that, "what the Wii U is offering is something that Vita and PS3 can do quite easily," but suggests that ... Read More

Famitsu Reports Wii U Will Be Region-Locked

Monday September 24, 2012
Disappointing many but surprising few, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has confirmed, according to a poster at NeoGAF, that like all of Nintendo's other consoles, the Wii U will be region-locked. Region locking means ... Read More

Bayonetta 2 Developer Says Sequel Would Not Exist Without Nintendo

Monday September 24, 2012
Nintendo's announcement that Bayonetta 2 would be a Wii U exclusive infuriated PS3 and 360 fanboys who hurled insults at the developer, Platinum Games, for "selling out" to Nintendo. But ... Read More

New Super Mario Bros. U Previewed

Friday September 21, 2012
At New York's recent Wii U press event I had a chance to play a little of New Super Mario Bros. U, which has a unique feature that allows one ... Read More

Rayman Legends Previewed

Friday September 21, 2012
Rayman Legends has gotten me excited regarding two things I've been feeling lukewarm about. One is asynchronous gameplay, and the other is Rayman. To learn how 15 minutes turned me ... Read More

Wii U Warriors Game Has Best Graphics But Struggles Elsewhere

Friday September 21, 2012
A lot of developers have weighed in on the power of the Wii U, but Eurogamer's interview with the producer of Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper is notable for how it sums ... Read More

Many Wii U Pieces Updated and Revised

Tuesday September 18, 2012
With all the new information on the Wii U, I have had to revise quite a few of my Wii U documents. I have also added a Wii U tab ... Read More

Nintendo Nation Makes the Case for Nintendo Land

Tuesday September 18, 2012
I have been decidedly underwhelmed by Nintendo Land, the mini-game collection that Nintendo is bundling with the Deluxe version of the Wii U. But a writer at Nintendo Nation makes a ... Read More

Wii U Browser Ditches Flash for HTML5, Adds Tabbed Browsing and Tilt Scrolling

Tuesday September 18, 2012
Nintendo did several simultaneous Wii U presentations in different countries last week, and oddly offered different information at each. For example, in Japan they talked about the Wii U internet browser, and ... Read More

Announced Wii U Games List Updated

Sunday September 16, 2012
In honor of all the newly announced Wii games and release dates I have completely revamped my list of confirmed Wii U games and organized the list by launch titles ... Read More

Nintendo Haters Weep Bitter Tears over Bayonetta 2 Announcement

Sunday September 16, 2012
360/PS3 gamers are up in arms over Nintendo's announcement that they will be publishing Bayonetta 2 as a Wii U exclusive. GoNintendo has a list of angry tweets ranging from hyperbolic ... Read More

Wii U Pre-Orders Selling Out Quickly

Saturday September 15, 2012
Many industry analysts have insisted that Nintendo wasn't doing enough to make people desire a Wii U, but it turns out they were wrong. Eager Nintendophiles have been busy since stores ... Read More

Rumour: Gamestop to End Wii U Deluxe Pre-Orders Soon

Friday September 14, 2012
A number of gamers on Reddit are reporting being told at their local Gamestops that the store will soon end pre-orders of the Wii U Deluxe Set, possibly by today.  Of ... Read More

10 Things I Figured Out at the Wii U Press Event

Friday September 14, 2012
I learned a lot about the Wii U at yesterday's press event in New York. I don't just mean the price and launch date; I mean Nintendo's intentions towards core ... Read More

Wii U to have 2 GB of Memory, 25 GB Disks, Low Power Use

Thursday September 13, 2012
VG247 has reported some new Wii U details, courtesy of a Japanese Nintendo Direct stream. The Wii U will have 2GB of memory, half for software running on the console ... Read More

Nintendo Reveals Wii U Integrated Entertainment System Nintendo TVii

Thursday September 13, 2012
Today in a Manhattan press conference Nintendo announced that the Wii U would include an integrated entertainment system cutely dubbed "Nintendo TVii." TVii's interface allows you to search or browse ... Read More

Wii U Games Announcements: Exclusive Bayonetta 2; COD: Black Ops 2 and Monster Hunter 3 Confirmed

Thursday September 13, 2012
Today at a New York press conference Nintendo announced that they will be publishing Bayonetta 2, a sequel to the flashy 2010 action game, as a Wii U exclusive, although there ... Read More

Wii U Shipping November 18 at $300 A La Carte and $350 Deluxe

Thursday September 13, 2012
Today at a press conference in Manhattan, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime revealed that the Wii U will hit stores this Sunday November 18, and will launch in two ... Read More

The All-Time Greatest Wii Games Listed

Wednesday September 12, 2012
Over the years I have written all sorts of "best of" lists; the top core Wii games, the most romantic Wii games, the best use of the remote in Wii ... Read More

Nintendo to Live Stream September 13 Wii U Presentation

Wednesday September 12, 2012
Tomorrow I'm going to Nintendo's New York press event for the Nintendo Wii U, during which it is believed the console's price and launch date will be announced, and some ... Read More

Rumor: Wii U Final Specs Leaked

Wednesday September 12, 2012
VGleaks has just put up what they claim are the Wii U's final specs, presumably pulled from Nintendo's developers site. None of it is especially surprising, but that neither proves ... Read More

GameStop Clearing out PS2 Games to Make Way for the Wii U

Thursday September 6, 2012
I was surprised by a recent article in The Verge reporting that game retailer GameStop has been clearing out its PlayStation 2 stock to make way for the Wii U. ... Read More

Rumor: Wii U Zelda Planned for 2014, Will Be Massive and Innovative

Thursday September 6, 2012
A Japanese source has claimed to WiiUDaily intimate knowledge of the upcoming Legend of Zelda Wii U game, which he says will be released in 2014 and looks to be the ... Read More

10 Reasons the Wii was Awesome and 10 Reasons It Wasn't

Thursday September 6, 2012
Since the Wii is just about at the end of its run, I thought this would be a good time to consider the ways it was great, and the ways ... Read More

Rumour: Wii U Will Launch November 11 for $250

Wednesday September 5, 2012
Well, another day, another Wii U rumor. The latest is thanks to a video purportedly of a listing from the website of a game wholesaler called Video Products Distributor. This ... Read More

"The Top 5 Missing Wii Games" - A Revision

Tuesday September 4, 2012
Last Year I wrote a list of the six best games Nintendo was refusing to release in North America. Since that time, two games were released, possibly because of pressure ... Read More

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