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Rumor: Wii U Version of Aliens: Colonial Marines Worst of the Lot

By February 17, 2013

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More news on Aliens: Colonial Marines, the much-hyped, poorly received game that is, in theory, still coming to the Wii U at some point in the future. A day ago someone claiming to have been a tester on the game posted on reddit, among other things, that even though Randy Pitchford, CEO of the game's co-developer Gearbox, had repeatedly said the Wii U version of the game would be the best, that it was in fact the worst:

It is a bit of a joke. The WiiU is basically the same game as the console version but with framerate issues, worse texture loading, and horrendously misguided minigames thrown in.

After claiming that Gearbox had used money meant for ACM to fund it's hit Boderlands 2, and that all the testers hated it, he deleted his account, either because he was afraid of getting in trouble or because he was a troll who got tired of carrying on the charade. However, someone did a screen capture of the thread so it can still be read0.

Of course, this could all be fake, but a moderator on the Reddit Games channel says that the poster did provide convincing verification of who he was.

Whether the post is true or not, it seems undeniable that ACM was misrepresented, something well illustrated by a video at The Escapist that annotates the amazing demo video Gearbox used to tout the game with a description of how far the final version strayed from that demo.

Certainly Pitchford's credibility has taken a hit. While Gearbox has had such impressive hits as Borderlands 2 and Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30, their release of the horrible Duke Nukem Forever and the disaster of ACM has proven them to be, at best, prone to bad decision making.

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