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New Wii U Games Announced: Mario Kart, Yoshi, Fire Emblem, Xenoblade 2, Old and New Zeldas

By January 23, 2013

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In the latest Nintendo Direct video, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced several new games for the Wii U and offered slivers of details on previously announced games.

Nintendo has officially confirmed what we all knew - they are working on a new Legend of Zelda game. Producer Eiji Aonuma says the developers are "rethinking the conventions" of the series, suggesting the game will be less linear and may offer co-op play. Aonuma says the game will "take some time to complete."

Aonuma's team has been trying out previous Zelda designs in HD (probably to decide what the want the new game to look like) and they liked the look of an HD Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker so much they decided to make one. One of the most popular games in the series, this HD port will arrive this fall. A neogaf poster has put up all the screen shots shown in the video, if you're curious.

Two new Wii U Mario games will be shown in playable demo form at this year's E3, Mario Kart and an untitled "3D Mario action game" from the team behind the Super Mario Galaxy series. Nintendo is also working on a Yoshi game with the textile visual style of Kirby's Epic Yarn and a Wii U party game from the team that created Wii Party.

Nintendo is also teaming up with Atlus to create a game that combines RPG series Shin Megami Tensei with the Fire Emblem strategy series. Iwata bills this collaboration as part of Nintendo's new approach to putting out more games by teaming up with other publishers.

Nintendo finally revealed Monolith's upcoming game, which appears to be a sequel to their Wii  game Xenoblade.  This time you will not just fight those big flying robots, you will be able to enter and pilot them.

Iwata spoke a little about previously announced titles. He says the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game is "on track" and that they may show some screenshots of it at E3. He showed some new gameplay from The Wonderful 101, although nothing surprising. And while he said it was too early to discuss specifics on Bayonetta 2, he did show a video of the developers discussing their approach and showing off some early-stage animations.

For a complete list of announced Wii U games, go here.

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