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Wii U Storage Space Eaten Away By Game Updates

By December 4, 2012

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Almost every game I've played on the Wii U has wanted to install an update, usually in order to access Internet features. I hadn't really thought about how much room these were taking until I read an article in Fudzilla talking about how these updates will suck up a lot of space for those with the 8GB storage Wii Us. I decided to go into Data Management and take a look.

Some updates are pretty substantial. The update that is sucking up the most space on my Wii U is for ESPN Sports Connection, which is holding onto 301 MB of space even though it's just a little mini-game collection. Other big storage-users include Nintendo Land (226 MB), NBA 2K13 (138 MB), and FIFA Soccer 13 (129 MB).  New Super Mario Bros., on the other hand, gets by with 29 MB, ZombiU only asks for 18 MB, and some games like Batman: Armored Edition don't download an update at all.

As I reported a while back, the 8 GB Wii U only has 3 GB free, because Nintendo uses the rest for itself. So if you don't purchase external storage you can expect to spend a fair amount of time going into Data Management and deleting updates to make room for new updates.

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