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Charles Herold

Miyamoto Sprinkling His Pixie Dust on Third Party Developers

By November 7, 2012

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In an interview in IGN, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto says he has been meeting personally with third party developers to excite them about Wii U development. But he says his purpose is not to reveal Nintendo's secrets, because there's aren't any.

"When it comes to technologies and techniques and skills necessary for working on Wii U, [and] what we can provide, I can count on them that they already have that.... There might be some misunderstanding - as if Nintendo alone had some special know-how, and because Nintendo has not shared those unique, secret protocols with other, third-party publishers have not been able to create the exciting, unique gameplay on Nintendo hardware. But that was not the case."

Even though there may be no special programming secrets Miyamoto can offer, one imagines his very presence is a thrill to game developers who would love to be able to pick the gaming god's brain for even a few minutes.

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